A Peek At My Studio

I thought you might like to see a few photos of my home studio, so while it is relatively clean I took a few shots to share with you.

This first shot is taken from the entry and as you can see it is jam packed with finished pottery, tools, glazes, supplies, and so much more.


The next shot shows the rest of the room — more finished pottery

Next we move into the kiln room for a shot of my Skutt electric kiln as well as its related supplies — the next photo shows the shelving used to dry and store the next pieces that are going into the kiln.

The rest of the photos show my Shimpo pottery wheel, the glazing area with buckets of my favourite colours, the wedging table & shape cutters hanging on the wall as well as a 'To Make' list on the blackboard, and finally a shot of the finished products table ready to pack up for delivery to local stores.

Here is a short video of the finished pottery shelves.